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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thermoacoustic refrigerator

A thermoacoustic refrigerator is a cooling device that uses acoustic power to pump heat from a region of low temperature to a region of ambient temperature. 
The refrigerator is built from a 40W speaker, a Plexiglas tube, a stack and an aluminum plug. The  stack consist of a large number of closely spaced surfaces that are parallel to the tube surfaces. To achieve this I used a 35mm photographic film and wined it. I used 0.32mm fishing nylon to separate film faces as they were rolled around each other.
The motion of the sound wave causes the gas in the stack to move towards the closed end of the tube, while the pressure increases and the gas is compressed. As the sound waves moves inside the stack tube and it goes through the stack, the molecules compress and when it exits from the stack molecules expands.  The hot air goes above the stack while the cold air goes below. This is the working principle of thermoacoustic refrigerator.

This model is made in Solidworks and rendered in PhotoView 360